User Guide

Operating Hours & Materials

Operating Hours

   Weekdays  Weekends & Holidays
Usual  8:30-22:00 12:00-18:00
Semester Breaks  8:30-17:00 Closed


Weekends and National Holidays on Semester Breaks
Summer Break (8/13-8/15),the New Year holidays(12/28-1/4)
Entrance examinations

Library’s Materials

Central Library

Location  Materials 
 1st Floor Reference Books, Audiovisual Materials, Newspapers, Maps, Textbooks, Newly Arrived Books, JIS
 Lounge (1st Floor) Newly Arrived General Magazines, Newspapers(current month)
 2nd Floor Books, Dictionaries/Cyclopedia, Scientific Research Expenses Reports, Small-sized Books, Books about Akita, Books about International Relations, Music Score
 Gallery (2nd Floor) Newly Arrived Academic Journals, Syllabuses, Books about Syllabuses, Books about Akita University, Books about Konan Naito
 3rd Floor Large-sized Books, Reference Books
 Archives (1st Floor) Books 540-999, Japanese Journals K-Z, Collection of Books of curriculums, Textbooks, Secondary Sources
 Archives (2nd Floor) Books 000-539,Maps
 Archives (3rd Floor) Foreign Journals, Japanese Journals A-K
 Storage Archives* Books in Japanese Binding, Chinese Classics, Books about Akita University, Master's Theses, Bachelor’s Degree Theses
 Special Materials Room* Books about the Northern Education Method, Rare Books
*To access the reading materials in the storage archives and the special materials room, please head over to the reception desk.
The staff in charge will attend to you on Weekdays, from 8:30~17:00

Medical Library

Location  Materials 
 2nd Floor Books, Reference Books, Journals(1992-)
 1st Floor Secondary Sources, Doctoral / master's Theses, Summaries of Bachelor’s Degree Theses, Scientific Research   Expenses Reports, Materials about Akita University, Audiovisual Materials
 Electric Compact Stack
 (1st Floor)
Journals(-1991), Health and Labor Sciences Research Reports
 Browsing Corner
 (1st Floor)
Newspapers, General Magazines

Newly Arrived Books

Lists of Newly Arrived Books are published with introduction of their contents every month.
【Central Library】 【Medical Library】


■Eating and drinking in the libraries are prohibited except at the designated places.
■The Book Detection System (BDS) is installed at the library entrance. The alarm goes off if you accidentally exit the  building without completing the borrowing procedure. 
※The alarm goes off in reaction to metal, for instance, umbrellas or keys.
■If you are using an artificial cardiac pacemaker, please kindly inform the staff at the reception desk when you enter the libraries.
■Please set your cellphones on silent mode, and please refrain from taking on it in the libraries.
■Don't let your valuables out of sight at all times to prevent theft. A lot of people use the library materials over a long period of time, so please handle it carefully.
■Should any materials be broken or lost, the user has to compensate it by replacing the lost or broken material with a new one.


For on-Campus Users

Entrance and Procedures



Students and staff personnel of Akita University do not have any procedures to enter the libraries.

User Registration

You need to register as a user to use the library.

■Students (undergraduate students, postgraduate students, research students, non-degree students, etc.)
To register as a user, please apply for a My Library account. After that, your student card also becomes your library user card.

■Faculty members and staff personnel
Please fill in the user application form and hand in it to the staff in charge at the reception desk. (Staff number is required.)

You can borrow materials with the user’s card, and you can use the ”My Library” feature.

Special Use 

Special user can enter the library using “the special user card” even when the library is closed.
Procedure for use: Fill in the Special use application form, and you would be issued “Special pass” at the library.
  Central Library Medical Library
Subject  School personnel and postgraduate students  School personnel, postgraduate students, Faculty of Medicine 5th or 6th year students, Faculty of Health Sciences 4th year students. 
Contents  Browsing materials  Browsing materials ,Using computers to search for information and using electronic materials (cannot use printers) 

Usage of Materials


How to Borrow Materials

An Akita University Student Card or a User’s Card is necessary. Borrow materials by using ABC machine or at the reception desk.

Automatic Book Circulation (ABC machine)
The ABC is a device that users can borrow or extend materials by themselves. (Only books)
To borrow journals or audiovisual materials (only allowed inside the library), please ask the staff in charge at the reception desk.

■Borrowing Limit and Duration
Central Library Volumes Duration
Undergraduate students 5 Books: 2weeks
Journals: 1week
Postgraduate students 10
staff personnel 10

Medical Library Volumes Duration
 Undergraduate students 3 1week
Postgraduate students 5
staff personnel 5

・During long-tern holidays like the university’s summer break, Akita university students are allowed to borrow materials over a longer duration. The borrowing limits and durations are shown on the library’s website.
・Students who are writing their graduation or master’s thesis are allowed to borrow materials for 1 month. (Only for the Central library) To do this, please inform the staff at the reception desk.
・You can reserve materials that are being borrowed on the “My Library”system.
・You can extend your borrow for a maximum of 3 times if the materials aren’t reserved by another user. (You can also extend your borrow using the “My Library” system)

■Materials that cannot be borrowed.(Please use only in the library.)
Central Library   Reference Books (Dictionaries, Cyclopedias), Newspapers, Newly-arrived Journals, Special collections, audiovisual materials (video, CD, DVD), Master's theses, Undergraduate theses, Books in syllabus corner, Books in text corner.
 Medical Library  Reference Books (Dictionaries, Cyclopedia), Newspapers, Journals※, Reports, Special collections, audiovisual materials (video, CD, DVD), Master's theses, Undergraduate theses, Books in syllabus corner
※Journals that are bound can only be borrowed by postgraduate students and faculty staff. 

Returning Books

Borrowed books can be retuned at the Retuning Counter. (Card is not required.)
When the library is closed, the book drop located by the front door of the library can be used to return books.
Please observe the return date. If you have an overdue book, a borrowing limit will be imposed.
  Central Library Medical library
Borrowing limit duration The duration you have exceed after your last return date (max: 1month)
Number of books allowed under borrowing limit Undergraduate: 1
Postgraduate: 2


Please use the photocopy machines in the library to photocopy materials.
There are photocopy machines that are funded or non-funded by the university.
Please fill out the photocopy application forms and only photocopy within the limits of the copyright law.
Photocopies are only allowed for research and study purposes and only one copy is allowed per person.
The library’s photocopy machines are only allowed to be used to photocopy library materials.
Photocopying documents that are not library material is not allowed.

Requesting Materials

You can request for books and materials that you think are necessary for your research and study field.
To do this, please (i) use the requesting feature available on the library’s website or, (ii) fill out the purchase request forms available beside the elevator and insert their into the request box.